Zhong Ziqi was rated first cultural leader in Changsha

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    Changsha City leaders announced the first batch of culture, Zhong Ziqi because the fireworks industry made ​​outstanding contributions to become elected Liuyang only one person.

    In recent years, Liuyang Fireworks has won the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage, the country's top ten cultural brand, in April 2012, Liuyang Fireworks has been included in the national cultural industry statistics directory. As a national intangible cultural heritage items Liuyang Fireworks craftsmanship heritage, Zhong Ziqi hand seriously heritage of traditional craftsmanship fireworks; fireworks other hand, he actively promoted the cultural and creative industries and technological innovation, to explore the non-material cultural heritage fireworks cultural heritage, in 2013, Eastcom fireworks Group was listed as the first batch of culture and technology, Changsha fusion demonstration enterprises, official culture from traditional manufacturing industries to technology-based business transformation and upgrading.

    Currently the community questioned fireworks industry is relatively large, which Zhong Ziqi said that this requires that all fireworks practitioners must change our concepts, from "light manufacturing" to "cultural and creative industries' transition to abstract fireworks culture into with high economic value of the "delicate industry" can be dazzling fireworks art of crystallization of this nation to go back to ancient times.

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